2892 Hawkins Ln
Twinsburg, OH 44087
Phone: (330) 998-4473

WebDevelopment, WebDesign, UI.


Computer skills
JAVA, Tapestry, IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, PHP, mySQL, XML, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, Apache, Python, VMware, MsOffice, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator
OS/Networks Microsoft Windows 10/ 8/ 7/ XP/ 2003, 2000/ NT/Win9x, Linux, Terminal Server, LAN, WAN, TCP/IP, HTTP/S
HardwareDesktops, Workstations, Servers, Notebooks, Storage & Networking
• Strong verbal and writing communication skills
• Motivated problem solver, able to work on multiple assignments
• Excellent analytical and programming skills
• Organized, creative and effective team player
• Eager to learn new skills and improve existing ones


Sr. WebDeveloper
Warrensville Heights, OH
2011 - Present
Designing, developing and implementing company website: JAVA, Tapestry, mySQL, CSS, javascript, AJAX, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA
User Interface Design for Web, Mobile and Desktop: Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat
Cross-browser, cross-mobile compatibility testing: Selenium, Tapestry, IE, Safari, Chrome, FireFox, mobile devices
City of Cleveland CCA – Division of Taxation,
Application programmer, Webmaster
Cleveland, OH
2006 - 2011
Designing, developing and implementing company website: HTML, ASP, CSS, javascript, PDF, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, AJAX
Designing and developing HTML-forms for the eFile website: CherryPy, Python, PyDev, mySQL, Eclipse
Designing and developing interactive PDF documents: Adobe Acrobat, javascript, Microsoft Office,
Software Engineer
Cleveland, OH
2001 - Present
Web Development: HTML,PHP,ASP.NET, javascript, HTML, CSS, XML, AJAX
Creating and managing SQL DB: tables, stored procedures, indexes, views, functions
Web Hosting: Windows Server 2003/2008, Active Directory, IIS, Apache, PHP, mySQL
Graphics Design, Banner, Logo, Email Design: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, 3D Studio MAX
Multimedia presentation: Borland Delphi, Adobe Flash, Microsoft PowerPoint
X Technology, Inc,
Programmer, Customer Service and Technical Support Engineer
Cleveland, OH
1999 - 2006
Designing, developing and implementing company website (HTML, ASP, VB.NET, ASP.NET, CSS).
Supporting and updating Inventory database system. Implemented and supported internal inventory management system (SQL: stored procedures, views, indexes, functions, IIS, ASP).
Helped company to sell through Internet. As a result sales increased with the same sale force.
Created internet advertising strategy based on analysis of efficiency of advertising and observing internet traffic. Created innovative web-based tools which allowed increasing sales efficiency.
Laboratory A,Director Tashkent, Uzbekistan
1996 - 1999
Organized and managed a company engaged in sales and installation of computers networks.
Identified customer's needs and developed customized solutions based on client requirements.
Prepared detailed technician proposals. Managed projects implementations, ensured timely projects competition. Provided on-going client technical support, implemented network upgrades and enhancements.
Scientific Research Center of Physic and Technology,
Lead Engineer, Project Manager
Moscow, Russia
1990 - 1996
Led multiple projects to develop microchips for special uses like on-board storage backup system for aircraft carrier, and personal computer for jet fighter pilot.


• Professional training in Computer Programming
• Microsoft Partner University
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Russian MIT)
  MS in Engineering and Computer Science
Cleveland, OH
Moscow, Russia



• Native Russian
• International Exposure
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